Draymond Green Is Going To Be Kicking People In The Dick As A Warrior For The Foreseeable Future

Western Conference Semifinals - Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets


I don’t know where the Warriors find all this money to be dishing out $100M contracts like they’re pocket change but if you thought that maybe the Warriors Dynasty was on the verge of collapse because they would run out of money to keep everyone, well this is bad news for you. Their owner has pretty much said he’ll pay whatever luxury tax bill he has to in order to keep this team competitive, and now with Curry/Klay/Draymond all locked up for the foreseeable future (I still think they eventually move DLo) the Warriors certainly aren’t going anywhere.

To non Warriors fans this probably seems like an overpay because Draymond is one of those players where he will always be 10X more valuable to GS than any other team out there on the market. He’s the straw that stirs the drink for everything the Warriors do. His versatility is what allows the Warriors to play the way they do, it’s what allows Steph and Klay to do Steph and Klay things, and let’s not forget he brings All NBA level defense to the table paired with some above average ball movement. The classic guy where you absolutely despise him if he’s not on your team because you can guarantee he’s going to do dirty shit like kick people in the dick, and he’s very very annoying with how he complains after every foul, but if he’s on your team you LOVE him. Say what you want about Draymond but he backs up his shit talking better than almost any other player in the league. Guys challenge him on the offensive end and he pretty much locks down everyone and isn’t quiet about it.

The other thing to consider is with their new arena about to open, the Warriors have an idea of how much fucking money they are about to make so the luxury tax couldn’t matter less. Now we have the core of a 73 win team locked in, and you then throw in an All Star point guard to fill the role while we all wait for Klay to get back.

These goddamn Warriors man, they just won’t die. Enough already.