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Spitting Directly Into A Guy's Face On The Subway... NOT RECOMMENDED

I’ve seen lots of irrational confidence videos on the internet. People who thought they could clear jumps, guys who thought their kiss wasn’t going to be rejected, girls who thought they knew how to use a rope swing, thousands upon thousands of them. But this right here has to be the worst one. WHAT was this guy thinking? First of all, subway doors have a mind of their own. They open and close as they please, and when you really need them to close that’s when they’re most likely to open. So no matter what, even the first spit was ballsy.

But that second spit? When a dude twice your size already has the door split open and is one adrenaline rush away from flinging them open? That’s literally one of the most dangerous things I can think of. Putting your head in a trained lion’s mouth to try and get triple digit Instagram likes for the first time ever is a less risky move. There was exactly one way this was going to end once we reached that point and it’s with the little fella laying on a subway platform with brain damage.


I mean do you know what a stupid move you have to pull to be left unconscious and 100% percent of the witnesses to be yelling, “Nah he deserved it. It’s all good.” The world is a 50/50 split on basically everything except whether or not this guy is an asshole.

Also, what was the plan when the guy finally got the doors open? What are you doing casually standing there dude?