I Promise You've Never Seen This Before: Phillies Relief Pitcher Playing Left Field Throws Out Runner Trying To Score Off Outfielder Pitching In The 14th Inning

I’m not trying to get too emotional here but it’s a little after 11pm on a Friday night and I’ve had a responsible amount of Miller Lites AND TRULYS and all I can say is that being a relief pitcher and having the opportunity to hose someone at the plate is a living breathing wet dream. Like the thought of it makes a reliever tingle. You’re out there shagging fly balls, playing grab ass and running laps 23 hours a day. No one gives a fuck about you. All you want is relevance and they give you number 67 and tell you to go sit in the outfield with the cupsnakes and wait til we call your goddamn number kid even though you’re a grown man.

That’s just reliever life.

And what most of them won’t admit is that 90% of the time on the job, they’re fantasizing about doing someone else’s job. Ask almost any right handed (lefties don’t count) reliever and they’ll straight up tell you they can play shortstop, shoot par, hit bombs. Sky’s the limit when you’re a reliever and the best part is you never have to put it to the test. Relievers can talk all the shit they want without consequence. That’s why I loved being a (division 1) reliever. Got to talk all the shit in the world and almost rarely needed to back it up.


That’s why I’m cracking stick to this 14th inning right now. Sure position players are pitching but no joke the Rays used a position player down 4 in the 9th inning the other day. Not that big of a deal.

The new trend?

Relief pitchers throwing 96 on a short hop from the outfield. With sink. With command. With excellence.

Ladies and fucking gentlemen. Moneyball 2 is in the works. Come get a taste.

PS – Spent twice as long on the title as I did the blog and still couldn’t get it. If you got better ideas obviously tell me in the comment section below otherwise you’re not helping me be a better blogger.