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The Gang Beats The Shit Out Of The Bucks On Christmas Day


Oh no. No no no. Please don’t make the Sixers do this to the big town of Milwaukee. Please don’t make the Sixers absolutely ruin their Christmas Day after they stuff Giannis in a stocking. A home game on Christmas Day? Which will most likely be scheduled for noon. After the city of Philadelphia will still be flying high off the Eagles sweeping the regular season matchup against Dallas on the 22nd? It’s just too much.

I genuinely feel bad for the big town of Milwaukee. I feel like they’re nothing but a bunch of good hearted midwestern bumpkins. I want them to have a great Christmas. I want them to be able to enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones. But instead, their day will be ruined before it even really begins. It’s just not fair to them. The Bucks can get fucked. Don’t care about them one bit.  But it’s just the kind, sweet folk of Milwaukee that I feel for.


You hate to see it but I guess that’s just business in the NBA. As long as they get ratings, they couldn’t give less of a rat’s ass about the fanbase in Milwaukee. It’ll be a good game, no doubt. Could even be a potential preview for the Eastern Conference Finals. But it just pains me to see an entire big town like Milwaukee have such a special day ruined months in advance. Oh well. C’est la vie.

Ho ho ho, bitches.