The Dumbest Scumbag On The Planet Broke Into Dog The Bounty Hunter's Store And Stole Some Of His Late Wife Beth's Belongings


Denver Post- Duane “Dog” Chapman of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” fame offered a cash reward for information after some of his late wife’s belongings were stolen from his store in Edgewater. The store, Free as a Bird Bail Bonds, sells apparel and merchandise from the couple’s reality show. Some of Beth Chapman’s personal bounty hunting gear as well as commercial clothing and merchandise had been stolen, according to a news release from the Edgewater Police Department. Beth Chapman died of cancer in June. She and Duane Chapman were both born and raised in Colorado.

Look, I get that many thieves are dumb. I’m sure there are some real life Danny Oceans that are sharp as a tack and mid-level crooks that don’t work a 9-5 in their life that are much smarter than I. However, I imagine a decent chunk of people that resort to a life of crime are among the dumbest people we have in society as well as the shittiest.

But all I can say about the person that stole from the most famous and beloved bounty hunter known to man is “What an idiot. What a fucking idiot”. When you lump in that this bozo took some of said bounty hunter’s wife’s stuff a month after she passed away, I think we can agree this robber has to be in the 1% of dumbest or unluckiest criminals in the world. Because not only does this thief now have a super-motivated and EXTREMELY angry professional bounty hunter coming for his ass. But that bounty hunter has now put a sizable bounty of his own on this idiot’s head in case the millions of Dog fans around the land want to lend a hand.


Bounties on bounties on bounties that could even lead to the return of certain diehard Dog fan reprising the role of Manhunt Cat.

What do we think of this crook? Say it with me together everyone!

Part of me hopes that Dog is the one that catches this scumbag because this is his profession and it would save him some money. But I am also scared that Dog may tear this person limb from limb and end up behind bars himself. Hopefully whoever this nitwit is realizes they fucked up and anonymously returns everything before shit gets hairy.