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Suck It David Griffin, Magic Johnson Says That LeBron Is Actually Committed To Winning in LA


Oh you thought David Griffin was actually telling the truth about LeBron and how he basically couldn’t give two shits about winning anymore? Not on Magic Johnson’s watch! I must say, this does sound familiar, where have we heard this line before? Oh right

Well if this is what things look like when anyone associated with the Lakers is “committed” to bringing a championship back to LA, they may as well pack it up and not even play the 2019 season. Part of me thinks maybe Magic just doesn’t understand what that word means


It’s stuff like this that makes me happy Magic stepped down. He doesn’t realize at this point he’s doing more harm than good. Couldn’t keep his mouth shut about Kawhi, now is trying to cover for LeBron talking about how it’s hard to win a title but he’s still committed. Pretty hilarious that he’s even mentioning some of the greatest dynasties in sports in a Twitter rant about LeBron and the Lakers. You know what the difference between the Patriots and LeBron is? The Patriots don’t talk about being the best, they just are. We can’t go 5 seconds without LeBron telling us all to watch out or another post of him working out. And I just have to say it, yes he promised that title to Cleveland, but he also got it because a pretty valuable member of the Warriors got suspended for kicking people in the dick. To say it’s a done deal because it happened in CLE is classic Magic logic.

I also loved his line about how it isn’t fun playing with a great player if you don’t win a championship. You know what else isn’t fun? When said great player quits on the team and tries to get the whole roster traded and the coach fired. I would imagine that’s not too fun either. Yes we know winning a title is hard, thats why everyone could tell that the move to LA wasn’t about championships it was about everything else. Now people in the know are calling out the bullshit and not even some classic Magic tweets are going to change that.

So, what do you think, are you buying what Magic is selling?