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Must See Video: The Best Way to Navigate a Traffic Circle is a Straight Line, 10 Feet in the Air

SourceA reckless driver has been banned after dashcam footage caught him flying ‘Dukes of Hazzard style’ through the air after hitting a roundabout.

Ryan Lamb, 18, was recorded in his van vaulting an A11 roundabout – sending his vehicle spiralling through the air.

The teen, from Beck Row, Suffolk, was found guilty of dangerous driving at Norwich Magistrates’ Court yesterday after he denied driving a motor vehicle dangerously….

Sentencing him, chairman of the bench Jim Agnew said: ‘Your driving fell far below the expected standard of competent and careful driving.’

The court heard, Lamb was travelling with two passengers in the car at the time and suffered only cuts and bruises.

Lamb, who is unemployed, had only been driving for three months at the time of the crash.

There’s just so much to admire in this story I don’t know where to start. Whether I should celebrate the magistrate for wrapping up the Understatement of 2019 Award with five months to go in the year with that “below the expected standard of competent and careful driving” line. Or Ryan Lamb for the sheer balls it takes to deny you were driving dangerously.


But I think I’m burying the lede here because to me the real story is that my man Ryan could be such an accomplished driver after only three months. I’ve been driving around Massachusetts rotaries my whole life. And I can confirm it takes years of training to be this much of a reckless, homicidal maniac. Most drivers hit their first thousand or so of these things as slowly and timidly as a baby deer stepping on a frozen pond for the first time. In fact, new drivers are the ones who cause 99% of the accidents at them.

But not this kid. He went right to the veteran move of closing his eyes, going pedal to the metal, ignoring all laws of Right of Way and self-preservation and making everyone else yield to him. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s a middle aged Masshole with decades of experience. Or B.A. Barracas:

So well done, Ryan Lamb. I for one will be looking forward to following your driving career whenever you get your license back. Or if you live long enough.