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This Picture Sums Up My Last 2 Days At Saratoga

So far so not too good at Saratoga for me. We are 20 races in and I think I’ve cashed 1 ticket. I officially hit rock bottom in the 10th and final yesterday. I was in the paddock with a bunch of my friends who all owned a horse called Salt King. Now keep in mind the owners of the 7 weren’t saying Salt King was definitely going to win. They were like “he has a shot blah blah blah.” Well being the strong minded and independent individual I am I decided to bet against him. I bet 1000 on the 10 and I did a 100 dollar 10/7/3 trifecta.

Well wouldn’t you know the race came down to the 10 and the 7. The 7 won by a headbob and my entire group started celebrating. But not so fast my friend! I was literally screaming at them that the 7 cheated and he did. That there had to be an inquiry. I mean the 7 absolutely came out on the 10 and bumped into him costing me the race. I was even yelling at them as they made their way to the winner circles that they shouldn’t go because he was gonna get taken down. Yet somehow inexplicably there was no objection. All in all losing that head bob cost me 20k.


And that’s where this picture comes in. That’s the entire group celebrating and getting their picture taken while I am sitting alone in the grandstand muttering to myself. The guy who circled me was the trainer of the horse who beat me.

Just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom I find new ways to sink lower. Only at the track baby