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Little Girl Has Been Suspended From School 24 Times For Smelling Bad

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) - A Washington County 2nd grade student has missed at least 24 days of school this school year, all because of what is described as her foul odor.The school system has suspended the eight year-old multiple times since October because of that bad smell. “They just say it’s a foul odor,” her mother Krystal Hensley said. “She takes a bath every day, but they ask her when the last time she took a bath was and she don’t remember. She’s been to the doctor and it’s not a medical problem. “We have made repeated attempts to address a foul odor that (name) has been {emitting},” the first suspension notice provided to us by Hensley said. “This is not being resolved. Other students and teachers are complaining, saying that they can not focus on school activities.  The school system listed a variety of reasons why: “Did not bathe yesterday or today, Could not remember the last time she took a bath, and sleeps in clothes.” Her mother disputes all of that. Regardless, the girl is missing out on school due to something that is apparently beyond her control. It appears she may very well be falling through the cracks.

I know a lot of times I say this is the worst, but seriously this is the worst. Just totally redefined the worst game. I mean getting sent home from school 24 times because you stink is absolute rock bottom. No other way to put it. There is no coming back for that. “Like hey I’m the girl who got sent home 24 times because I have life changing BO. I’m talking kids and teachers can’t concentrate because I stink so bad. You may have seen me on the local news. Yup that’s me” Good luck getting dick with that stink albatross around your neck

PS – Clearly her mother stinks too. That’s a stink face if I’ve ever seen one.