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Klay Thompson Turning Into The 'How Do You Do Fellow Kids' Meme By Saying That He's Going To 'Pwn Some Noobs' In Call Of Duty Is Vintage Klay Thompson

We’re at the point where no matter what Klay does – intentionally or unintentionally – it’s going to be absolutely hilarious. This is fairly close to the ‘how do you do fellow kids’ meme coming to life. I mean he even says ‘as the kids say.’ I don’t even know if kids are still saying that, but who am I to disagree with Klay? Look at this history we have with him





Every single thing makes me laugh. He’s my favorite NBA personality by a long shot.  It doesn’t matter if he’s trying to be serious, it always ends up with Klay just rambling and making something funny. I need more video of him playing Call of Duty. I need him out here saying he’s going ‘pwn some noobs.’ He probably drops that during an NBA game. I’m not ruling it out.

Imagine being one of these kids and all of a sudden you’re up against Klay Thompson. All-time moment. Long live Klay, man. I need him on broadcasts, consistently giving interviews, whatever when he’s hurt this year.