Zion Told MJ He Was 'Going To Shock The World' In Order To Seal The Jordan Brand Shoe Deal ... Wait, Do What Now?

[Source] – Just 130 steps to the left of the family’s “Pre Hall” welcome sign was The Michael Jordan Building.

That significance wasn’t lost on the 18-year-old. One day, well down the road, dreams of The Zion Williamson Building lie ahead, in the decades to come.

“He told us he would ‘shock the world’ and asked us to believe him,” Jordan said. “We do.”

Just a quick question here. How is Zion going to shock the world? What qualifies as shocking the world for Zion? The guy was the clear No. 1 pick. He’s the most hyped prospect since LeBron. He’s a heavy favorite for Rookie of the Year. Are we talking about being better than say LeBron? Are we saying he’s going to be a knockdown 3pt shooter? That would shock the world.

Either way, this whole read is interesting. It’s a look into how the Zion shoe deal went down. It talked about his trip to Nike, how Adidas always thought they were going to get him thanks to ties in high school, Puma having a shot and Li-Ning, who signed our guy RJ Hampton, sending 7 sneakers personally designed to Zion


I am interested in how these shoe deals develop mostly because how it’s tied all the way back to high school. I mean, shit, the NCAA and FBI had a goddamn investigation in how shoe companies funneled kids to certain schools. So when a perceived Adidas guy ditches Adidas for a Nike school and shoe or vice versa, I want to know how it went down.

Either way, I gotta see how Zion shocks the world. I still think it’s the 3pt shooting. That’s the only thing that it can be. He’s gonna be a good pro. No one should doubt that. He’ll be fine. But, I gotta see this shock the world thing, preferably when he demands a trade to play with RJ Barrett