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Is Jameis Winston Having A Quarter-Life Crisis?

“It is one of my dreams,” Winston recently told Peter King of NBCSports.com (via JoeBucsFan.com) regarding the desire to play baseball. “It is something I would definitely look forward to.”

Poor fucking Jameis, man. We have all been there. 25 years-old. You’ve been in your first job for a while. You’re not progressing. You’re not particularly happy. You’re looking around at your peers who are excelling and starting to wonder where it all started going wrong. For Jameis, it was probably right here

Or you know…any number of the other stupid things he’s done on and off the field. This is the age where you look in the mirror, hate yourself, and try to come up with a different path. It might be law school, it might be backpacking through Europe for a year, it might be telling yourself that you should’ve stuck with guitar lessons or stuck with that ex-girlfriend. For Jameis…it’s baseball. And you know what…on the surface, I can see where he is coming from. He definitely has a baseball body



He is probably sweating his ass off and coaches are yelling at him to do things like “run sprints” and “remember plays”… well that sounds like it sucks. He is probably longing for the days where he could sit in the shade with his buddies, walk up to the plate a few times per game and if you are successful like 30% of the time that’s considered elite. That’s more Jameis’s speed. Not the 67% completion percentage he needs to be a good quarterback.

The problem is that Jameis wasn’t good at baseball either

Jameis FSU

So maybe Jameis is going to be just like the rest of us. Maybe he takes the LSAT(lol) or goes traveling for Europe. Pro sports might not be his thing and he’s in the last year of his deal. Luckily he’s already made $46M.