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Philly Burger Joint Has A Groupon Good For A Burger & Fries A Day Over An Entire Year For $144 ($4,380 Value)


Groupon – The Deal: $144 for one burger a day for a year ($4,380 value). Valid at the Philadelphia location (beginning the date of purchase) and the New York City location (starting on the grand opening of the location in July of 2015). Includes fries.

So this is coming from PYT, or most famously the hipster dufus spot in Philly that publicized Lesean McCoy’s shit tip to the moon and back (Again, I never condoned Shady for being a dick, but this damn place and its owner wouldn’t let it go and squeezed as much publicity and personal gain as possible out of the situation).

But I’ll tell you what, THIS is a fucking bargain. I may hate PYT but just as Charles Barkley said “If they paid me enough, I’d work for the Klan”, if the deal is good enough, I’ll dine with the devil. However, the combination of Egg Nog season and not seeing the sun for days at a time has put my body in a very, very bad place. From the Wing Bowl video I discovered the camera can’t even add 10 pounds to a face that’s already 40 lbs overweight. If I do purchase this deal it very well may kill me. If he dies, he dies, but I at least want to give myself a fighting chance. But I know I have absolutely no self control. So please, someone interfere and save Smitty. Or least give me an honorable death, a soldier’s death either by sword or Sugarhouse. It’s either I die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain, and Jabba The Hut I will become. Then promptly keel over.