Alert The Owners Of The New Zealand Breakers: Another Top-30 College Basketball Recruit Is Refusing To Go To College, Opting To Train For The NBA

Alert! Alert the New Zealand Breakers, we found the perfect replacement for RJ Hampton when he leaves for the NBA Draft next year. This is 6’6″ junior MarJon Beauchamp, a top-25 or 30 recruit depending where you look announcing that he’s not going to college. Again, he’s a JUNIOR.

This is the first time I can remember someone saying no to college this early (with the one-and-done rule in effect). It’s still not a ‘trend’ to skip college for overseas or to work out, but it’s becoming less shocking when we hear this news. Beauchamp is also the first guy I can remember just skipping college to work out. Mitchell Robinson ended up doing that but he enrolled and re-enrolled at WKU roughly 82 times before making that decision.


The other thing that makes this interesting is who he’s working out with. Chameleon BX was founded by Frank Matrisciano, who spent years as the trainer for Memphis and then made waves with unusual workouts with Blake Griffin.

We have a year to change this mind. I say we convince him to join the Breakers and I’ll help work him out for a year. We can make a full video series about it. We’ll get others involved too. Donnie, Large, $20 Chef and Vibbs on his diet. Big Cat on his screening and boxing out. Dave doing PR. I’ll handle the game.