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MUST WATCH: Plane Makes Successful Crash Landing On Washington Highway


A small airplane with engine trouble made a thrilling emergency landing Thursday to join the morning rush hour commute just outside Seattle.

Washington State Trooper Clint Thompson was driving along Pacific Avenue South, also known as State Route 7, just south of Seattle and west of Tacoma when he saw a KR2 single propeller plane descending closer and closer to the roadway.
He realized it was actually going to land on the roadway, and turned on his emergency lights to block traffic to help the plane land.

If you’re gonna say to me, “WTF THAT WASN’T MUST WATCH” then you’re a fucking idiot.  Ya know why?  Because it’s a law of goddamn nature that anytime you see the words “plane makes emergency landing” you automatically click on it, whether the emergency landing was safe or not.  I don’t make the rules, but I do adhere to them.

But anyways, shout out to the cop for two things:

1.  being in the right time and place to get us this awesome video and

2. having the wherewithal to think “holy shit I’m gonna flip my lights on and clear the road for this poor bastard”

 Good on ya cop.  Love me the men in blue.  And yes – thank guy this happened without anyone getting hurt.  Obviously the pilot didn’t have much of a choice but to put many people, including and especially himself in harms way, but sounds like he had the clutch gene and made due with the options presented to him perfectly.  Talk about thinking on your toes.  If it were me I would have gotten as low to the ground as I could and tried to barrel roll out of the plane.  Kinda like the Thud Butt from Hook