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Football Is Back And We Have A Bad Beat

I don’t give a fuck about the bad beat! It was a great bet by me and to be honest people are starting to talk about sitting Flacco for this bastard. I was complaining all game about how bad this football game was. I was so wrong, the Drama that was built up was incredible.

If this is how the season is starting, we are in for a long one. If you had the falcons tonight you should go see a specialist to get it figured out because you are fucked. People like myself are up millions on this football season as we have never lost yet. I am so happy football is back, I am back to screaming by myself in my basement and I want nothing else. Am I ashamed of freaking out about a preseason game? No, no I am not because life is live and this is real money. As the peoples degenerate, you are welcome for this win.