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Rappers Talking About Anal Sex In 2004 Shows Just How Far We've Come As A Society


In 2004 it would appear as though the vast majority of rappers were highly against anything pertaining to the derrière. Which honestly shocks the fuck out of me considering I don’t even think it counts as sex anymore if you aren’t at the bare minimum giving brown eyes tongue darts. I refuse to believe it only took 15 years for society to take such a hard right turn into ass play when it had Talib Kweli giving answers like a senator awaiting trial. Nate Dogg, very much a grown adult at this point in time, said, “Poo-poo makes the sex nasty.” I never took Nate Dogg for a kink shamer but apparently he just wasn’t on the wave.

Each of these answers made me laugh harder than the last. Until I got to NORE’s, which prompted me to call the police.


Bro, XXL was just asking about the general concept of anal sex. He’s out here shooting his shot in print media. That piece came out literal months after he put that quote out into the universe. JLo probably still keeps a security detail on payroll just to keep an eye on Noreaga. A-Rod still might should punch him in the tummy over this.

But as always, no one was able to weave a web with the English language quite like Top 5 Dead or Alive Jadakiss:


Hard, rigid stance. No fence-sitting to be found here. “I don’t pump on that block.” Nothing wishy washy to take from Ki Double S on this matter. Not then, not today, not ever.