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Mizzouri Training Camp: Here's The Deal

The rumors are true. Coach Odom and the Mizzouri Tigers are giving Barstool All-Access to their training camp starting TODAY. I’m here boots on the ground in Columbia ready to get sweaty. Now for those of you following the program, you will remember that the last time I was here there was a classic mixup:

Well, I think it is VERY SAFE to say that I am much more welcome this time around (and honestly much happier to be here). This 2019 Missouri team is primed to be an absolute disruptor in the SEC East, and by opening their doors to us, have cemented themselves as the #1 team to pull for if you are a Stoolie with no dog in the fight.

I met with Coach last night to go over what we can and cannot cover, and he basically* just gave me a look like “don’t sweat the small playboy” and then dapped me up and said “I gotchu fam.” Afterwards I tried to get him to watch my high school highlights but he said “it’s all good,” and left. That’s basically* how it went anyway. The moral of the story was that he’s completely opening the doors to us, and it’s on me to give you guys a good look at what an SEC training camp really looks like.

Content-wise my plan is this: If something crazy/interesting/exciting happens, I’ll get it up on Barstool social medias and blog ASAP. That’s obviously a no brainer. Other than that, I’ve got a couple other little ideas planned that you will be able to follow. I am going to publish the first of them a little later this morning to split up the fun, but basically I know from experience how to have a successful training camp, and I’m going to make sure I have one. A lot of this stuff will probably unfold on socials, but I’m going to make sure everything gets back to the blog too. Lastly, video guy Logan (who pretty much made this whole relationship between Barstool and Mizzou happen) is here with me and he is going to put together full recap vlog type video(s) for your viewing pleasure. Those will take a little longer to turn around but still be on the lookout.

If there is other stuff you want to see, let me know—but for now, this is the plan.