Smitty Does The 2015 Wing Bowl


“Surrender your souls at the door, ladies and gentleman. For you are a Philadelphia fan.”

And that’s that. Ever wonder what degenerates in a currently cold and heartless city do at 4 am on a weekday? Wonder no more. For this is the annual Wing Bowl in South Philadelphia. Our horse Skin & Bones stumbled, there was multiple vomits shown on the Jumbotron and Mick Foley pulled an Irish exit before anyone could even think about asking him if his daughter was there. Good times had by some. And yes, I am aware, my face and heavy breathing are both getting wayyyy out of hand. Egg Nog season may be over but don’t tell that to the gallons still left in my arteries. Still worth it.

Big time gracias to @Barstoolfranco and @BarstoolJordie for their camerawork. photography and hair.