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The NCAA Cannot Be Happy With An NC State DL Arriving At Fall Camp In A $300k Car


NC State defensive lineman Larrell Murchison is a key part to the Wolfpack’s success in 2019. Last season, Murchison boasted 34 tackles, 8 of which were for loss. He also sacked the QB 4 times.

With camp starting this weekend, Murchison rolled into Raleigh in style. What kind of style? $300,000+ worth of style:

Who knows how Murchison got this car. Maybe he comes from an affluent family. Maybe he rented it for the day. Whatever the reason, I know every single person in the NCAA investigation offices saw this video and reacted something like this:

This coming from an official account is ballsy as well:

This was one of many #PackCamp arrivals:

A bold strategy out of NC State. Just begging for a violation.

P.s. Was this move motivated by Big Cat putting NC State football on his “Average” Mount Rushmore?

I’ve always dreamed of Barstool causing an NCAA violation. It’s a goal of mine that I am not afraid to admit.

P.s.s. My bad if I got the price on that car wrong. Not a car guy. Never will be.