Pat Robertson Says Killing In Video Games Is As Bad As Killing In Real Life

These goddam Bible nuts. Like what the fuck is Nathaniel even doing asking that question? Its like he’s going out of his way to find more ways that he’s sinning. Fucking Bible doesn’t say shit about video game killing. Jesus never said shit about video game killing. So just shut up and enjoy it dude. Its like a free pass. Nate is probably the same guy who reminds the teach she forgot to assign homework.

And let me tell you what, my friends – if Virtual Sinning is real sinning, then I am fucked. That means I’ve murdered people from playing video games. That means I’ve raped someone from watching porn. That means I’m horribly racist for all the prejudice blogs I’ve written about minorities. Wait, thats accurate I do Real Life Sinning in that department. But all the other shit I’ve watched or read or played is some serious fucking sinning.

So Pat Robertson can go fuck himself with all that “Jesus says if you lust after a woman you’ve already committed adultery.” There’s no fucking way thats the real life rule. Every dude walking the planet earth has depraved, perverted thoughts practically 24/7. We’re all constantly thinking about the girl we wanna fuck or the coworker we wanna murder. If we were to act on impulse we’d be groping chicks on the subway and taking shits on our boss’ desks. The difference between a moral and an immoral man is having the self control to not do that shit. And if Jesus says otherwise and says we’re all sinners for just having impure thoughts then guess what? Every single dude in existence is going to Hell. Fuck Pat Robertson and fuck Jesus too if those are the real rules of sinning.