Julianne Hough Does a Completely Nude Photoshoot And Comes Out To Her Husband That She's "Not Straight"

Daily Mail

Julianne Hough has an impressive body thanks to years of working as a professional dancer which led her to being a standout performer on Dancing With The Stars.

And for the September issue of Women’s Health, the 31-year-old blonde beauty showed off her lithe and toned frame as she posed completely nude. The wife of Brooks Laich also revealed that she is not straight.

Hough told the magazine it was awkward breaking the news to Brooks about her sexuality.

‘I [told him], “You know I’m not straight, right?” And he was like, “I’m sorry what?” I was like, “I’m not. But I choose to be with you,”‘ she said.

I LOVE Julianne Hough. I think she’s one of the prettiest girls on the planet. I mean look at the pics above of her nude photoshoot that came out today. Stunning. Ever since I “randomly” watched the movie Safe Haven I fell in love with her. The woman just does it for me. Now she’s come out to her husband saying she’s not straight and has dated women in the past. Pretty big stuff. She’s probably had that weight on her shoulders for so long. Good for her for getting it out on the public. You be you girl!