Trent Williams Allegedly Won't Come Back To The Skins Unless The Medical Team Is Fired, And He Has A Very Good Reason For That


Well…do you blame him? It’s certainly hard to blame him if this story is true. I mean a tumor on a guy’s head isn’t something to scoff at, and someone should be held responsible for mis-diagnosing it. But at the same time, this is the Redskins we are talking about. Nothing shocks me with this team anymore. So if this story is true, then yeah, I can see why Trent Williams would be a bit pissed with the Redskins.

So it leaves the Skins in a pickle- they are the most injury-plagued team in the league. Last year Coach Gruden was pulling beer vendors out of the stands at halftime to fill in at left guard because nobody could stay on the field. The Skins medical team SUCKSSSSSS. But you can’t give a player that much leverage and power. Sets a very tricky precedent when you do that.

Trent Williams simply doesn’t trust the Skins front office. To be honest, it’s kinda silly that it took this long for him not to trust them, but that’s the sort of man he is- loyal and trusting. The Skins have always had his back, and he’s already had theirs in return. So when a fucking tumor is misdiagnosed, you could see how that trust could be broken. There’s a good article about it in the Washington Post (behind paywall):

So yeah. Maybe a trade is more likely than ever. The Skins could get a good haul for him, for sure. And hopefully a LT is involved in said haul, because lord knows Ereck Flowers is not going to keep Haskins alive.