Bashing A Wendy's Drive Thru Window Because They Randomly Stopped Selling Cinnabon Feels Justified

[Source] - A Key Largo man really wanted his Cinnabon. When he learned that the Wendy’s restaurant on Duval Street no longer sells the sweet rolls, the 19-year-old took matters into his own hands in protest.

Dustin Riley Tyrrell grabbed a grapefruit-sized rock and smashed one of the windows at the Key West restaurant, according to the arrest report.

“They don’t sell Cinnabons anymore!” Tyrrell yelled, when a passerby asked him why he broke the window, police wrote.

I should start by saying I’m not a pro-crime guy. I don’t think you should just be bashing out windows randomly. But, this? This feels a bit justified. I mean think about it and tell me you haven’t been here before. You go to any drive thru spot wanting something that you’ve seen a commercial for or used to always get. It’s no longer on the menu. They hit you with a ‘sorry we don’t offer that at this location anymore.’


Your response? You’re lying if you say you aren’t pissed off and let out a huff at some point. It’s what we all do. My guy Dustin (I’m assuming he goes by Dusty. He looks like a Dusty) just happened to take up a notch.

Now I don’t hate the rock through a window move. That’s a classic. If you’re going to commit a crime stick to the basics here. Don’t hurt anyone, don’t hold anyone up. Just show your frustration while screaming. If there’s ever a time to do it, it’s here. Cinnabon is fucking delicious and I swear you can only get it in the airport or at a turnpike rest station. Don’t even tell me you can get it at the mall because who the hell is going to a mall these days.

I need to know what the people walking by thought. At least one of them agreed with ole Dusty here. Probably had some encouragement. I suggest this Wendy’s bring back Cinnabon.