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Vanessa Hudgens Is Turning Into A Full Blown Freak


So this is a teaser for Vanessa Hugens’ new song (she’s a singer?) called “$$$ex.” I love this. Honestly I think this turns me on more than her naked pics did. Because then she was a good girl who made a bad “mistake.” Now she’s admitting to the world that she’s a bad bitch. It’s a beautiful transformation to watch. Went from High School Musical disney girl to getting fucked by James Franco in the pool on camera and putting out songs strictly about sex. Like a caterpillar bursting out of it’s cocoon as a slutty little butterfly who loves getting pile drived to dubstep. At this point she’s a hotel room anal scene away from being Abella Anderson.


NSFW pics after the jump


Ok maybe the video doesn’t turn me on QUITE as much as the nudies. But it doesn’t turn me off either.