Thanos Was Out There Stealing Quotes From Baker Mayfield

First off, we miss you Bob Wylie.

Secondly, boy that Baker Mayfield quote sounds awfully familiar!


That Baker quote happened in September of last year. The Thanos quote happened in April of this year. Hmmm. Thanos, you big dumb bitch, maybe if you had some more creativity, you wouldn’t have lost.

Baker’s swagger, as I have noted many times, is off the charts. It makes him and a great leader and pisses off his opponents and haters, which is fantastic. He needs to be hard-nosed, in your face and carry the attitude that will give him the upper hand over opponents.

Even with his teammates, I love the control Baker has taken…

Did he really have to yell at Rishard Higgins? Maybe not? But this is the type of shit the Browns need. They’ve been the fucking laughing-stock of the league for 20 years. Everyone calls out their attitude, their discipline, and image around the league. They need guys to grind, work hard and punch people in the mouth. Baker is leading the charge and everyone is clearly accepting him as the leader of the franchise.

I can’t wait for football.

Go Browns.