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Take A Load Off And Enjoy Some Of The Best Handles From 2019

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors - Game One

Last week was the NBA’s Dunk Week and Pat had you covered with a nice little time killer of the top 100 dunks from last season. Well now, this week is the league’s Handles Week and as someone who is on record as being Team Ankle Breaker over Team Poster I figured what better way to not only celebrate some nasty handles but also kill a bunch of time this late afternoon in the cubes. No need to thank me, just an old blogger trick. By now you are definitely tired of whatever bullshit you had to deal with all day and one of the best ways I used to kill time at work would to be to watch long ass NBA highlight videos. Shit never fails.

So with that said, we have the top 50 crossovers

then once you make your way through that, can I interest you in the best spin moves from last year? I knew I could


The fun part about today’s NBA is it’s not just guards who are showing off their handles. Nowadays there are a shit ton of bigs that are just as nice with the ball who can expose their defender at any given moment. Sort of like this

If you’re like me, watching people get embarrassed by crossovers/spin moves/handles etc will never get old. Just something about how the crowd reacts to a nasty move will always get my blood flowing. Hopefully this 20+ minutes of basketball highlights got you over the hump this afternoon, and it’s now your responsibility to share this with any of your friends who may need a little push over the hump into quittin’ time.