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White Sox Trade Season Is OFF TO THE RACES, Deal Nate Jones to Texas

Quick question, did any White Sox fan realize Nate Jones still existed?  Because I forgot about him a LONG time ago.  And it’s unfortunate.  Dude had a 100MPH fastball with a wipe out slider.  Legit closer shit.  But couldn’t stay healthy for the life of him.  He hasn’t pitched in a full season since 2016, and only about 40 total innings in 2017-19 combined.


I’m not gonna sit here and act like I know ANYTHING about what the Sox got in return.  The Sox did clear some much needed payroll space though in sending cash to the Rangers for Jones, along with international pool money.  He’s under control with Texas through 2021, with 2020 being a club option and 2021 being a mutual option.  So…. he might not ever even pitch with them.  All this does is save *maybe* a few million bucks if Jones option is picked up by Texas next year.  They have until something like 5 days after the World Series to exercise his option, so let’s hope he’s healthy by then and Texas likes him enough that they do in fact pick up his option because I’d guess this move is contingent on that happening.  Not totally sure on those details at this time, however.

Long story short, unless either of these lottery tickets pans out as either trade bait in the future or otherwise, this move means a whole lot of nothing.  There is no way the Sox would have picked up Jones’ club option in 2020 anyways, so you might as well save a few bucks that you can allocate to someone like….

Gerrit Cole!