I Know How The Cubs Can Trade For Whit Merrifield

Alright honestly I’m highly skeptical that works but at the same time I can’t pretend to know everything. I just know Cubs fans are absolutely fucking CRAZY about trading for Whit Merrifield and I don’t blame you at all. He’s a stud and the exact player that would completely change the dynamic of the lineup.

Here’s the thing though – I don’t think that package gets it done. Ian Happ is a AAAA player right now, literally. Almora is a disaster outfielder for an AL team like the Royals and then Adbert Alzolay doesn’t profile to be more than a #4 so I’m confused where you’re finding 1 impact player in the bunch.

12 months ago this trade is a slam dunk for both sides. But at this point if I’m the Royals, I’m wondering Why Now with Happ and Almora. What have the Cubs learned in the 1 season where they’ve gone from cornerstone position players to trade bait? That would make me very nervous as the Royals but at the same time it hasn’t stopped them from dealing with the Cubs before. Soler and Monty are good examples of mutually beneficial trades. Compare that to the Orioles who just get fleeced every time they pick up the phone.

So there’s goodwill to be had between the two clubs and positive history…

It just comes down to trade pieces now and honestly it would blow me away if Happ, Almora and Alzolay got the job done. I’d be flabbergasted. Like I said not one of those guys is an impact player. The group combined together won’t scratch Whit Merrifield’s WAR now or any time in the next 3 years which is relevant because Whit’s deal runs through 2022 with a team option for 2023 at $10.5 meaning he’s going to cost $22M for the next 4 years and he’s one of the best top-of-the-order threats in baseball.

So again, explain to me who on the Cubs is worth that because I have a few guys in mind and none of them suck.

Over my dead body

You can be salty without penalty around here. I’m all about getting pissed off over things you love. But in this case I just want the salt to be very specific: this is the problem you run into when your farm system runs dry.

I said this last night on my post-game Instagram Live show that I’m running now to compete directly with David DeJesus: The Dodgers and Astros and Cubs were on the same trajectory going back to 2016 and for whatever reason the Cubs are the ones who haven’t been able to figure out the farm system when they’re not drafting in the top 5. Every time I look up, the Dodgers and Astros are retooling the big league club with homegrown minor leaguers and prospects. The Cubs have fallen behind significantly on that front and as a result, something as simple as trading for a fucking leadoff hitter becomes an astronomical challenge.

I’m not disgusted as much as I’m depressed. This is the time to be going after WS Championships and with each step in the season it just smells like the Cubs are a full step behind the top of the league.

The worst part? It comes down to resources and decisions. We came into last year without a leadoff hitter and played the whole year without one. Another offseason came and went without addressing it and now we’ve played 4 months of baseball without a leadoff hitter. We have more 4th outfielders than I know what to do with and more infielders than you’ll ever need. And still no leadoff hitter.

Not because there isn’t money, but because…..


No clue and now I’m worked up. I’ll be watching historic Cubs fight videos until the trade deadline passes. Only way to keep the aggression in my brain occupied