A Potential Case Of Northampton Police Brutality Caught on Tape

 YoutubeNorthampton, MA police arrest an innocent black man outside of Tully O’Reilly’s for no reason. All he did was take out his phone to start recording the police. He did not fight back, did not resist, but was pepper-sprayed and slammed onto the ground and arrested.

As always with videos like these it’s tough to render a decision since we really don’t know the entire story.   It does appear the black dude got tackled for trying to videotape the cops.  If only there was an attorney around to straighten this mess out.   That would have been huge.  Anybody know where I can find an attorney?

PS – How many times did that Tully’s bouncer try to tell that lady to do something only to get his shit kicked in with her attorney mumbo jumbo.  Bro if you’re just going to turn around everytime she says she’s an attorney you should probably give up.  Because I’m pretty sure she’s going to keep bringing that up everytime.