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Aaron Gordon Calling Out Zion For The Dunk Contest Is Exactly What The NBA Needs

There’s no other way to put it. The NBA Dunk Contest needs some sort of boost. There’s only two ways to do that. 1) Get stars in the dunk contest like we have big names in the Home Run Derby and 2) have the best dunkers. Luckily for us and the NBA, Zion equals both of those. I mean look at what Vladdy Jr. did in the Home Run Derby. He had everyone on Twitter talking about it. Think about this on All Star Weekend now

It needs to happen. We were robbed of LeBron in the dunk contest because he was essentially too scared. That can’t happen again. Zion needs to be in the dunk contest this year with no other questions. Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine also need to be in it. They gave us arguably the best dunk contest ever a few years back

Add those two plus Zion and we’re starting to cook. Like Gordon says get more than 4 guys if needed, but we need bigger names in the dunk contest. Last year it was Hami Diallo, John Collins, Miles Bridges and Dennis Smith Jr. All young guys, but not that household name that it needs. Bring back Diallo (the winner) and Bridges, we’re up to 5. Then go recruit 3 more bigger names that are somewhere between 6’4″ and 6’7″ because those are the best dunkers to watch.

This is what the NBA needs. It’s the most viral sport in the world, let’s get the dunk contest back now.