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10 Year-Old Boy Charged With Aggravated Assault After Hitting Classmate With Dodge Ball At Recess, What In The Actual Fuck

(Source)–A 10-year-old suburban Detroit boy has been charged with aggravated assault after hitting a 9-year-old classmate in the face with a rubber ball similar to a dodge ball.

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office says students at a Canton Township school were playing “tips” April 29 in which participants jump to catch a ball that’s tossed upward.

Prosecutors say the game ended and the older boy threw the ball “with force,” causing his classmate to suffer a concussion and abrasions. 

The older boy’s mother says in a written statement the only thing her son is guilty of “is being a black boy.” The injured boy’s race wasn’t available.

To borrow a phrase from Pres this is the one billionth example of the “pussification of America” and to borrow a phrase from someone who actually know what they’re talking about…this is the “Coddling of the American mind”(Jonathan Haidt). It reads like an Onion article, but it is way to familiar at this point.

If this kid who threw the ball is actually capable of causing a concussion and abrasions with a dodge ball at 10 years-old then congratulations, Nick Saban is on line 1. That’s a howitzer arm that needs to be cultivated properly. Get him to the Elite 11 camps right now.

I am sure there was maybe a little bit of “bullying” going on here and maybe it’s because the kid who got hit with the ball was being an annoying little shit and when you’re an annoying little shit(I have a lifetime of experience in being an annoying shit) sometimes society will correct you with dodge balls to the face and you learn to correct your behavior enough so that you get invited to play the game again the next day. What we have instead is probably an entire school that won’t want to play with concussion boy because they’re wondering if they’ll end up in court if things get a little too rough. Concussion Boy’s parents probably made him an outcast in school at age 9. That’s worse than getting hit in the face with a ball. And if we are so concerned about the mental well-being of kids maybe we should also consider what type of impact a kid getting charged with a crime while weighing 70lbs and standing under 5 ft tall will do. Probably a pretty traumatic experience. Something to think about.


Getting hit in the face with a dodgeball used to be funny. Now it’s a crime. SMH, America