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Day 2 Is Complete And This Journey Is Almost Over

We were supposed to get on the road at 9am Tuesday morning but I realized Brandon is a sack of shit just like I am. When nine oclock was coming up I got a text from him saying I can be convinced to leave at 11. So obviously we left at 11, hit up a chik fila and were on our way. Walk Bags always buys in bulk when we go eat lunch so he can just throw the food in the trunk and then the dog goes to town and rips up the bun all over the car.

Day two was more of a just driving day so we can finally get to New Jersey. People forget that Brandon is moving his entire life to New Jersey so it is a little bit of a stressful time for him as well. He had to get movers, get his house read, a bunch of shit and then you have me next to him blabbering about how cranes are made. Instead of just driving the whole time we decided to make one stop which he was not happy about but I assured him that I will figure out his movers situation if we can stop. The camera man and him fought about this content for about two days so that was always delightful.


I wanted to see if I could become Amish and Sam here pretty much shot me down real quick. This 20 min horse and buggy ride will be in the video and I am still stunned by Sam here.

Lastly we ended up at Brandons house in New Jersey later in the night. Brandon thought he was J-Lo for a second because there were stoolies by his house yelling my name. Turns out he has stoolies in his neighborhood and one of them asked for a picture with me on his front lawn and not Brandon. It was a tough one for the Brandon Fucking Walker brand.  I somehow am now helping him move his stuff in the house with Glenny Balls and Double Vodka Don this morning and I can’t see this going well. His entire life is in that Uhaul and thats the three people that are moving it. The trip I must say was long but a fantastic bonding time with my gambling pal. You will be seeing a lot more of the both of us together so stay tuned for the moving trip.