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Playboy Playmate Misses Brake Pedal, Drives Neymar's Lambo Into Pool


A Playboy model who is alleged to have ‘had a fling with Brazilian football star Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior’ crashed a Lamborghini when she missed a brake pedal.

Soraja Vucelic, drove the motor into a swimming pool when her high heel shoe slipped from the brake.

The model, who had previously been named Serbian Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 2011 shared the clip on Instagram for her 354,000 followers.

The 32-year-old is said to have been holidaying in the south-eastern resort town of Cannes on the French Riviera.

Here’s some raw footage of Soraja calling Neymar to tell him she drove his Lambo into a swimming pool:

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 7.26.20 AM

Neymar, I had a little mishap with the car.  I’m down here in Cannes.  You better get down here.  This thing is a behemoth!  I was making a simple lane change, I put on the blinker and it took off on me!! Next thing you know I’m submerged!!  IT DROVE ITSELF INTO THE POOL!!!

- Soraja, probably

Real talk though, I believe everything she says about wearing high heels and crashing the Lambo in the pool.  Those things look like they’re IMPOSSIBLE to walk in.  I fancy myself a world class athlete but I wouldn’t have near the coordination, leg strength or mental toughness to walk in those things for any amount of time.  Sure their sole purpose is to make a woman’s ass pop so most women will train for years to be able to walk in them, but that’s beside the point.

But wtf was she doing driving anyways?  And no, not because she’s a woman, but because she’s Neymar’s ex and was the Serbian Playmate of the Year.  Get a goddamn driver and wear all the high heels in cars you want you want.  High heels have got to be right up there with DUI/DWI, texting and driving and smoking deer running across the road as the number one cause of vehicular deaths across the globe.  Prove me wrong.

Oh and here’s her instagram


and a link to a bunch of links to her Playboy pics (NSFW)