Yasiel Puig Gets Traded, Promptly Jumps In The Middle Of A Brawl Before Leaving Town

This is the opposite of #HugWatch. Puig gets traded and minutes after being announced he’s in the dead center of a brawl. What a legend. In all my years of being alive for a trade deadline I cannot remember a guy getting traded, saying goodbye to his teammates and deciding to throw down one more time just for shits and giggles with his boys for the road. A Trevor Bauer trade become nullified because Puig got hurt in a massive brawl, thus re-opening the possibility for the Yankees to trade for Bauer could be some potential MLB-shifting shit, but we’ll deal with that at a later date if we cross that bridge. Until then, Puig is a legend for this and shall be respected as such.

PS – What kind of savage charges the other team’s dugout? Amir Garrett is apparently VERY much with the shits. I see why the Reds are making moves to try and contend right now this team is scrappy as fuck.