Wake Up With George Brett Shitting His Pants

What a first line of a video. "I shit my pants last night". Classic story here too. I love how he knows he is mic'd up, and still proceeds to go ass deep into this story. Doesn't hold back any details either. Just dives right in. Sure he is a career .305 hitter with 317 homers, but he is most proud of shitting himself in the Bellagio in Vegas because of some crab legs. He gets so damn descriptive too. I also love how the guy he is telling the story to keeps trying to walk away too. No one wants to hear this story in person, you can't say anything back. Just have to be like "Yup. Damn George, thats crazy." Anyways, a classic video that could have made the PMT Mount Rushmore of YouTube videos. Shout out the Crab Legs at the Bellagio.