Breaking Bad: The Musical

Starts a little bit slow but the Gustavo Fring number where he’s slicing chicken’s necks with the box cutter is fire. “Are you chickens like the chickens in my chicken restaurant” is gonna be in my head all fucking day.

Hector Salamanca cameo is top notch. Walt/Hank interaction is pretty spot on. The “I am the Danger” ballad is flames. Only big swing and a miss was not having Walt Jr. eating breakfast.

I’m gonna be doing Breaking Bad Twitter trivia every day this week leading up to the premiere of the final 8 episodes on Sunday. 1 question every day at 2pm. Giving away 3 Breaking Bad t shirts from Lexhed.  Whoever answers the question correctly first, and then 2 wild card winners. So you don’t have to be the very first person who answered to win. Follow me on twitter @KFCBarstool, first question today at 2pm.