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The People's Corner Jimmy Moreland Is Making Huge Waves At Camp

And welcome to the Jimmy Moreland aka The People’s Corner Show. Drafted in the 7th round in this last draft, mostly because he went to JMU (roll damn Dukes), TPC has been putting on a show at camp. And it should shock noone. In 4 years at JMU he had 18 INTs, including 5 returned for a TD. He has picked up right where he left off, dominating Skins camp and nearly already enshrining himself into the Hall of Fame before the calendar even hits August. Everyone at camp cannot stop raving about him.


He’s just out there wrecking people.


And he does not get beat.

What does he do after he’s done terrorizing the offense? Makes time for the fans.

Trey Quinn was a 7th round pick and will be starting on offense, and same could be said for Jimmy on defense. Love this team the Skins have put together. Terry McLaurin has been buzzing, Haskins has looked great, and now we have a stud DB joining the fun. Add in Guice, the combo of Payne and Allen, the vets like Kerrigan, Norman, and oh yeah, Landon F’ing Collins…and this team is shaping up to look pretty, prettyyyyy good.