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Anthony Weiner's Sidepiece Does Solo Masturbation Scene For Vivid Video

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TMZ – Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for an epic shock — Anthony Weiner‘s sexting partner Sydney Leathers has filmed a hardcore masturbation porn … and TMZ has some pics from the shoot. Yeah, we saw it coming — Sydney paid a visit to Vivid porn HQ in L.A. just days ago … and Vivid’s fearless leader, Steve Hirsch, isn’t one to waste time. We’ve seen the flick, so we’ll paint you a picture. Leathers gets naked, strikes a bunch of stereotypical porn poses, and away she goes … strumming the old banjo. It’s your typical boy-sexts-girl-and-girl-gets-a-porn-deal story. You can check out the full video on Vivid’s website. It’s unclear how much Sydney got paid. Most people think Sydney wasn’t hot enough for Weiner to risk his political career — so, as for her new porn, we gotta ask …

Sad day for the porn industry. I know this is their new shtick. Literally anyone with a vagina thats in the papers gets an offer to do porn. It started with Octomom and somehow, someway, its only gotten worse since then. In life, in general, anything involving the Octomom is pretty much rock bottom. But I guess not. Since then Paula fucking Deen has been offered a contract and now the dumptruck of all dumptrucks gets the nod. I guess for every diamond in the rough like Teen Mom we gotta endure a landfill like Sydney Leathers blasting herself on camera. Just a sad state of affairs for the porn industry. Stooping down to the likes of some fat pig who’s claim to fame is sending text messages to the biggest Jew loser on the planet. Vivid ain’t what it used to be.

If you head over to Vivid you can see the preview, she’s just straight up a fat chick, really. Tits look like Ziploc bags filled with water and shes got rolls for days. And you just know she’s roast beef city below the belt. I’d bet my life she’s got curtains like the stage at a high school auditorium.

PS – If Barstool can’t sell Stools and Stripes flags then there better be an equally big outcry with this hog blasting her pussy wrapped in the American flag too.