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I'm Giving Mike Leach a 6.2 For His Belly Flop Attempt In Front Of His Team

I wanna preface this blog like I did this tweet and say I love Mike Leach. I love every single thing about him. From his amazing sound bites to the offense he runs to his dad bod and everything in between I love it all. But as the most prolific diving board jumper in internet history I owe it to the world to give my honest and unbiased critique of this diving board jump, even if I am a huge fan of the man who made the leap.

My first problem is he doesn't get a running start. This shouldn't come as a huge shock to anyone that's seen his teams play over the years, because if you have it is abundantly clear he's not a huge fan of running the football. No issues though, to each his own. Still capable of coming up with a with a strong belly flop without a running start. What really caught me off guard was his unwillingness to sell out on the belly flop. He's sold out on the passing game and that's whats gotten him to become the Mike Leach we all know and love. Or maybe it's a foreshadowing of him not selling out and his team following suit. They say teams take on the personalities of their head coaches and this is a dangerous game, coach. You don't want your team giving a bullshit effort do you? So don't give a bullshit effort off the damn diving board when your entire team is watching! When the bright lights are on you gotta shine. Big time players make big time plays in big time games. Shout out to Santana Moss.

I think, better yet I know he's gotta redeem himself. Do it again and attack that diving board with aggression and bad intentions, no knee tuck, and let that big ole dad bod belly slap that god damn water. That's the difference between losing to Minnesota in the Holiday Bowl and winning a Rose Bowl. (Washington State ain't winning a National title let's keep the goals attainable) I love you coach. I need to see more out of you. Just not more than Ohio State.