Aaron Gordon Calls Markelle Fultz A "Monster" Which Is Sure To Work Out Well

Magic guard Markelle Fultz takes jumper in Instagram video

Here we have yet another person coming out and telling the world that while nobody has even seen glimpses, Markelle Fultz is ready to be a monster in the NBA. You may remember about two weeks to the day Caron Butler pretty much said the same thing

Listen, at this point I fully understand that these guys are just doing their best to give Markelle Fultz confidence. If we’re being honest the whole thing is sad at this point and in a weird way I’ve transitioned from clowning on Fultz to pretty much rooting for him. But for a guy who didn’t even play one second of Summer League basketball this year, I need people to stop telling me how good Fultz is going to be. If anything that’s only making things worse for the kid. I also wouldn’t say at this point people are sleeping on Fultz either. The reality is that for two years now we’ve been told he’s fine, then he’s hurt, then he’s actually not hurt, then he gets traded and never plays despite supposedly being healthy. It only adds fuel to the fire to keep hearing about how good he’s going to be when the guy can’t even set foot on the court even in fake games.

The good news is Fultz is still young as shit so who knows maybe one day he shakes his yips and actually puts it together as a serviceable NBA guard. He’ll certainly have the opportunity in ORL if everything we’re hearing is true, but he’s at the point where we need to see it to believe it. What I don’t get is if he’s fully healthy why not just throw him out there and see what happens. If this is more mental than physical at least let him make the mistakes in Summer League or preseason. The longer the basketball world goes without seeing Fultz the more pressure I feel like he has to perform. Who cares if he makes mistakes or is rusty, it certainly can’t look worse than what we’ve already seen.

So please, no more talk about what a monster Markelle Fultz is going to be. I get trying to be a good teammate but I feel like this is only doing more harm than good. He’s already up against the label of being the worst #1 pick in history (shoutout Anthony Bennett) the last thing he needs is all this added pressure.