Day One Of The Mush And Walker Road Trip Is Finally Over

I flew into Alabama late Sunday night after a wild Pup Punk show and had a fantastic hotel to stay at. I got to wind down and have a nice sleep until Brandon Fucking Walker picked me up at 10am Monday Morning. My camera guy and I had plans to do some weird shit on the way and all of this content and then all of a sudden Walker shows up with a Zoo in his car. These suckers are running all over the car, but hey we were making the best out of it. (I have to admit its a great dog) After about 10 minutes of me yelling he finally let me go and eat and a nice Cracker Barrel.

Biscuits! We were two hours into the drive and we have only driven 6 miles. I don’t want to give the whole video away during this but the highlights of day one were something else. Our camera guy Tom also fucking informed us that we can’t listen to music the entire 14 hours because of copyright bullshit. Brandon doesn’t like silence so we hit every topic we can think of. This set Brandon for a loop as well and during this drive some people had some fights about content.

Lets just say were were the talk of the town at this Knoxville Mcdonalds.

During the car ride we had some debates on athletic ability and as gamblers we had to do our duty and put it to the test. I really hate doing this to the new guy but I am running mental laps around this bag. First it was mini golf (Video coming soon) where I sandbagged him and played with ice in my veins when it counted.

Literally 10 minutes after I spanked him in Mini Golf we went over to the field and I had to show him that i can run a 40 yard dash faster than 4.8 seconds. The behind the scenes of the 40 yard dash will be out but let me just leave this here.

After this all happened we wanted to take a little break with the cameras because our brains had nothing left, we all hated each other mostly and the dog could not stop farting. I don’t know who gives there dog a mcdouble and now there is just buns and cheese all over the car. I thought the Dog would be a big problem in the car, nopeeeee.

Can you believe cats shit that big!? That turd was a god damn monster and before this we all almost threw up from smelling the towel in the bag. I refused to clean the bag so camera man Tom had to go inside the gas station and use the bathroom to clean the bag out. The Cat almost got loose during this and we still had fucking 3 more hours just to get to the half way point.

We were in that car for 13 hours on day one, so much shit happened and we still have a lot left to do today. I couldn’t be more sore from running that 40 and I would’t be surprised if we all start fighting each other today. Please say a prayer for me you rats, see you on the other side.