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With Madden 20 Released, Here's My Top 5 Favorite Football Games Of All Time

The $80 version was released on Tuesday, but today is the official release of Madden 20. There haven’t been good Maddens, better yet football games after 2008 since Madden has a lifelong contract with the NFL. In honor of EA Sports making the same game with an updated roster for $64.99 including tax, here are my top 5 favorite football video games of all time.

5. Backyard Football.


Talk about nostalgia! Backyard Football was the game to play in elementary! Playing as 8-year-old NFL players on the computer just put every kid in a great mood. Along with Backyard baseball, these 2 games bring back all the memories as a child.

4. Madden 08.


My favorite Madden of all time. Something about this game on the 360 made this game great. It’s kind of like Carmelo Anthony hooping at the Summit, “It’s just different”. You had the Combine, the presentation was amazing, and There weren’t any linebackers with 60-inch verticals intercepting balls. There also wasn’t the “Press Y for amazing catch” bullshit, it was just perfect. I love Madden 04 and 05 on the PS2, but there hasn’t been Madden like this since and I stand by that. Not only did Vince Young’s career die after this, but so did Madden.


3. NFL Street 2.


I played the snot out of this game with my friends back in elementary. Besides NFL Blitz, this was the most gruesome, hard hitting game on the block. Every hit was damn near a crime. You had legends like Randy Moss, Vick, and Xzibit! Gamebreaker was also fucking insane once that baby was filled up. I played this football game more than any other with my friends. Many controllers were smashed but many memories were made.

2. NCAA 14.


My favorite college football game of all time! And sadly, the last one ever made. NCAA14 had a great dynasty mode, authentic equipment, great sounds that made you feel like you were in the college atmosphere, and overall had great gameplay. Call me a nerd but I spent hours playing dynasty mode and remaining every single Ohio State player their actual names from the 2014 roster and playing many seasons. The playbooks were great, and I always enjoyed playing mascot mode once in a while. It’s amazing how everyone complains about how Madden sucks and people want NCAA back. But that’s just EA Sports for you.

1. NFL 2k5.


It’s not even close. This is the greatest football game ever made. The mechanics for each player were spot on. You had Chris Berman doing halftime shows, 1st person helmet mode, MyCrib, and I hate to say it, but the ESPN presentation was amazing. Before I die I will either see flying cars or NFL2K come back to life. I’m afraid that flying cars may be more probable.

These are just my favorites growing up. NFL Blitz is great too, but I didn’t play it that often. Along with Chris Brickely not inviting me to his gym, I may have to start fighting the NFL to bring back 2K their license. I hate Madden but I play it ever year because I’m so good at it. What were your favorite football games?