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Jason Whitlock Says Lebron's Addiction Is More Dangerous Than Cocaine

“It points to how much fame has inevitably changed LeBron over the last decade. Fame is a drug more potent and dangerous than cocaine.” – Jason Whitlock

Are we still talking about Lebron James CELEBRATING?? People are acting like he jumped onto the court, smoked the ref in the face and told every “normal” parent to go fuck themselves because they don’t play professional basketball.

Listen, I understand that what he did was over-the-top. And I’m not saying it’s normal parent behavior to run onto the court and stop play because you lost a shoe jumping around or dunking in the lay up line.

But guess what folks! He’s not a normal parent. He’s one of the greatest basketball players OF ALL TIME.  And when you’re one of the best basketball players on the planet, you play by different rules. Even if those rules rub people the wrong way. Even if those rules make people cringe.

But… I actually think Lebron is doing this because he wants to support his son’s team and not because he’s addicted to the fame. Call me crazy, but he’s allowed to be a good dad AND a super star who plays by different rules.

If he was out here acting like a complete asshole and starting arguments with people “because he’s Lebron James”, I’d feel differently. I’d say he’s using his fame to his advantage. But for the millionth time, he was celebrating. And some people found it cringe worthy. They’re entitled to that opinion.

Plus, You think the kids on Bronny’s team don’t love it? Of course they do. It’s LEBRON JAMES hyped up at their game. If anybody has been to an AAU game, you know it’s a different atmosphere. I was a white catholic school girl playing in rural Texas and there were still parents who would get in full blown screaming matches at games or would lose their minds when Becky from Midlothian, Texas would drain a three.

So I can only imagine how hype AAU games get when Lebron James is in the building.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that Lebron can do whatever he wants to support his son’s team AND think that the entire thing was over-the-top. They’re just not mutually exclusive.

But nevertheless, the internet loves to blow things up (you should see Kevin’s mentions) and here are the here are the most common arguments that I’ve seen:

- “Any normal parent would be ejected.”
Again, he’s not a normal parent. He’s Lebron James. People with higher status get to do more. Dave Portnoy can act like an asshole whenever he wants, we can’t. That’s just how society works.

- “Imagine if LaVarBall did the exact same thing? The internet might literally shut down over the outrage.”
Uh, 1. Lavar Ball has pretty much proven he’s a bad human who is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons so he doesn’t get the same respect in situations like this as somebody who has proven to be a good human. And 2. could never sniff Lebron’s career. It’s not even comparable.


- “He made it about himself.”
Ya, he’s Lebron James. Are we supposed to act like this is a shock?

- “Lebron is addicted to fame and it’s worse than cocaine.”

I know these debate shows are made for click bait headlines. I get it. Here I am writing about it, so it’s working. But this is one of those things that you can’t even take seriously. We’re now comparing this to a cocaine addiction. COCAINE.

He’s just a corny basketball dad who happens to be able to act a little crazier than the normal because his entire life has a different set of rules.

Honestly, I’m here for it now more than ever just because the back lash is so utterly ridiculous.

And a VERY important PSA: Just because you’re anti-Lebron here (ahem, Kevin Clancy), doesn’t make you a racist. People who immediately throw the race card in situations like this should be banned from the internet forever. There is actual racism going on and this certainly ain’t it, chief. It’s just not that serious. I hate 2019.

Football, please hurry up. We obviously need something to talk about.