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The Cockiest Fugitive Ever Tells Police To Post A Better Picture Of Him If They Want To Find Him

mughsot selfie

(source)–A male model wanted by police was so unhappy with his mugshot that he offered a more flattering selfie to help with the appeal.

Stephen Murphy, 33, who has compared his looks to David Beckham’s, is wanted by police in Lincolnshire for failing to turn up to court.

Officers issued a mugshot to track him down, but Mr Murphy, who previously won the title of Mr Boston, was apparently unhappy with the snap. After The Lincolnshire Reporter wrote about the police appeal, Murphy posted the new picture of himself under the story and criticised the paper and police for sharing “the worse (sic) picture of me”.
The runaway model has mocked the Lincolnshire force on his own Facebook page, writing about them: “I run this town, not you.

“I will say when I come in. I run this town, not you,” he wrote on a Facebook status, which was accompanied by a topless photo of himself with £20 notes on his chest.

This morning he seemed to be enjoying his increased notoriety, writing on his profile: “Looks like I have speeded it up lol I better be careful they might put a most wanted post out for a speeding ticket.”
I read this article and my first inclination was to hate this guy’s guts because I typically hate dudes who are undeniably MUCH better looking than I am(“you must hate a lot of people chief”, boom beat you to it) and this guy definitely is
cocky fugitive
But then I as I continued to read through the article I liked him more and more. You can’t teach that type of irreverance. This guy compares himself to David Beckham, but he’s got a bit more of Tommy Shelby in him. He’s a gangster. He’s turning his nose up at the police and taunting them at every turn. I don’t know what this guy did to have a warrant for his arrest, but it feels like he’s planning multiple steps ahead. The felon-model career path is hot in the streets. One viral story, a couple of good head shots, and the girls come swooning and the agencies are soon to follow. This guy knows the playbook
jeremy meeks