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Jayson Tatum Puts Local Idiot Blogger In A Bodybag

What a perfect, measured response from noted father and basketball fan Jayson Tatum. A guy who just cares about basketball and growing the game with the youths of America and beyond. A perfect ambassador for this great sport. And soon to be an Olympic hero for this great nation of ours. When most people think of Jayson Tatum, the National Anthem tends to automatically start playing in their brains. That’s how closely woven into the fibers of America Jayson “Captain America” Tatum has become. Meanwhile you’ve got clowns like this KFC jokester running their mouths, criticizing LeBron simply for enjoying a game of roundball with the boys.

Plus, when you really step back and examine this situation from a distance: Jayson Tatum dunked on LeBron so hard many consider him his father. Meaning Bronny is Tatum’s grandson. Meaning you better come correct when you come at his kinfolk. And this buffoon KFC did not come correct with his garbage take of nonsense. Classics Knicks losing a game they weren’t even playing in. I hope if Tatum ever crosses paths with this doofus he punches him in the belly as hard as humanly possible. Fair is fair.