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No Need For Cowboys Fans To Panic, Zeke Elliot Is Reportedly Getting On A Flight To Cabo Instead Of Reporting To Camp

No need to panic Cowboys fans! Everything is fine n dandy. Your star player, the 4th overall pick in 2016, isn’t reporting to camp. It’s all gravy. Ignore that he wants a record setting contract

And that he got fat during the offseason

And that he’s being sued for dumping that security guard. Disregard all of that. He’s 3 seasons into his career and cannot stay out of trouble, or out of the headlines, but at least he can stay out of one thing- training camp. And not just that, he’s flying on down to Cabo.

And spare me the “he’s going down to train!!!” BS.  I’m sure Zeke will have a staged photoshoot of himself lifting weights, but he’s going to Cabo to work out the same way kids in college study abroad for the cultural experience and to learn in a new environment. Uhhh, sure. Yeah you’re going to “class” but you study abroad because the drinking age in Europe is 18. If Zeke wanted to workout he could do that in Texas.

But don’t worry Cowboys fans, all is fine. At least you still have Dak.