Enes Kanter Sounds Terrified Of The Knicks And Pretty Much Guarantees They Land Giannis In A Couple Years

[Hoopshype] - You were part of the Knicks for one and a half years. They weren’t able to add any stars in this summer, but they kept their cap flexibility and they’ll continue to pursue big-name free agents. Since you know the organization well, what do you think New York needs to do to land a star?

EK: They have all of the tools. You get to live in one of the best cities in the world, Madison Square Garden is obviously rocking every night and they have good people around. This year, they just didn’t get lucky. But I’m sure in a couple years, they’re going to get a lot of free agents because of how good the city is, how good MSG is and because they have good people in the organization. I’m sure they’re going to turn things around and become really, really good.

Well this sounds exactly like a guy that is terrified of the Knicks. Can’t say I blame him. He’s stuck in Boston, and if we learned anything about the Celtics last season it’s they are absolutely dysfunctional. I mean what Celtic would talk this glowingly of the Knicks? I don’t hear Bobby Portis talking kindly about the Celtics.


But, here’s the real story. He says the Knicks didn’t get lucky. First off that sounds like clear tampering by the Nets to get KD and Kyrie. That’s the only thing I can think of. Only reason as to why they wouldn’t pick the Knicks. Second, he says they are going to a lot of free agents in a couple years. Well, guess who is a free agent in exactly a couple years:

What’s the first step to being really good? Build the young core. Check that one off. They already have future Hall of Famer Mitchell Robinson. They already have the diamond in the rough find in Allonzo Trier. They already have the wings in Barrett and Knox. Second is getting the superstar. So come on down, Giannis, Enes Kanter already says so.

Couple tough days for the Celtics being back crew. Jayson Tatum is defending LeBron thus showing the Celtics/Lakers rivalry is dead and now Kanter is talking kind about the Knicks. Shame to see a storied franchise go soft.