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Ohio Woman Gets A DUI On Her Way To Court For ... You Guessed It ... A Previous DUI

[Fox19] – A Sandusky woman was behind bars for driving with a .213% BAC with an open bottle of beer in the front and her 2-year-old son in the back on her way to her previous OVI court hearing, according to police.

The Sandusky Police Department said officers saw 25-year-old Courtney Green’s Ford Escape driving 45 in a 25 MPH zone on Cleveland Road on Thursday.

Police said Green told officers she had only one beer when they asked how much alcohol she drank. Police said an officer also found an open 12 oz bottle of Budweiser on the front passenger floorboard.

First things first. Thank God the baby is alright. Pretty fucked up to be driving around 2x over the legal limit with your kid in the car.

Now the serious part is over, this is so perfect Sandusky, Ohio. Get a DUI and have to go to court, might as well get a DUI on the way there. Wouldn’t be surprised if she thought it meant double jeopardy or something like that. Really this just shows how much she likes to party. She’s out here drinking Bud heavies in the morning, only way to prep for court.


This just makes it tough for me the most though. I like to defend Ohio – specifically Cincinnati. I’ve enjoyed my time living here. It’s an underrated city and everyone who visits actually says that. But, places like Sandusky keep giving Ohio a bad rap. Cincinnati has everything you want – casino, breweries, good bars, built up the Banks and OTR, good restaurants and it’s all dirt cheap. We just gotta stop having people in the state get busted for a DUI on the way to court for another DUI.

PS: I love the excuse that she only had one beer. We’ve all been there and everyone has responded at some point ‘oh, just a couple beers.’ All-time classic.