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3 Chicken Wing Stories on National Chicken Wing Day

Football. Finger Food. Flavors. Football. Did I mention Football? It is sooooo close. The preseason kicks off on Thursday night.

One of the more popular foods people consume on weekends in the fall are chicken wings. In fact, fans ate about 1.38 BILLION chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday back in February.

Check out these mind-blowing facts from the “National Chicken Council” from the 2018 Super Bowl featuring the Patriots and Eagles, when 1.35 billion wings were projected to be taken down:

  • If 1.35 billion wings were laid end to end along Interstate 95, they would stretch from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. almost 250 times.
  • That’s enough wings to put about 625 wings on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums (counting MetLife 2x).
  • 1.35 billion wings is enough to circle the Earth three times.

Wings are fantastic. So many options, a few different types, and loads of messiness. In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, here are some instances when this glorious food made or is making the news:

I mean, why? And to find out they were TYSON frozen chicken wings. Gross. At least order yourselves a shitload of wings at restaurant and dine and dash or something.

Let’s go Jaws!! We caught up with the hot dog GOAT a few weeks ago over on Coney Island and it looks like he’s right back at it today in Georgia. That’ll be a treat.

Us Floridians get a bad rap. And these headlines aren’t helping. If you’re going to eat chicken wings, 1) don’t drink and drive in the first place. 2) At least go boneless so you can use a fork with one hand.

Boneless wings aren’t wings, but that’s a debate for a different time.

Enjoy your chicken, enjoy your sauces, enjoy your wings on this great holiday.